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      Her face was shrivelled and yellow, and the dark full eyes that now, as it were, stood forth from the sunken cheeks, looked with a strange brightness on the scene, and seemed well adapted to stamp the character of witch on so withered a form. And perhaps there were few of those entirely uninterested in the matter who now gazed upon her, who would not have sworn that she merited the stake.

      "Ah! Merritt, you are the man I wantedwhen did you see father John? can you tell any thing of him?"

      "Well, then," replied Wat, "tell him that Wat Turner says he has made a vow never to enter the hall of Sudley castle again; and if you don't take that answer, you get no other.""This is most interesting," said Anne icily, raising her lorgnette and looking at Reuben as if he were a bad smell.

      "Robby ... I love you ... I love you so!"She smiled.

      "Disposer Supreme,

      "Master Calverly, you will find no man to act more faithfully by you than John Byles. You have been a good friend to me, and I would do any thing to serve you, butyou see a man can't stifle conscience all at once."



      "Someone 'ull buy him up, I reckon," and young Coalbran, who had succeeded his father at Doozes, winked at the rest of the bar, and the bar to a man turned round and stared at old Reuben, who drew himself up, but said nothing.Chapter 8


      "You said you were coming at eleven. I'm afraid father's out again."