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      Cant say, guvnor, he said; Im not Simons nuss. He left this ere camp jest after the coach busness, and when the police came poking their noses. We aint answerable for Simon and his goings-on, and if yer want im yerd better go and find im. An if yer arst me, I think you Three Star chaps are playin it pretty low down on a neighborin camp. Dogs Ear aint ad much reason for regardin Three Star with brotherly love up ter now, an this ere foolishness is a-goin to be chalked up agin you.

      Nevertheless, that is what occurred. A hum of voices--a tread of hoofs--and the very man hoped for--he and Hilary Kincaid--recognized by their voices--d at the pool's margin. Sam and Maxime stole forward.

      XVII "OH, CONNIE, DEAR--NOTHING--GO ON"Esmeralda smiled, and knit her brows.

      No, no, she said. II meant to tell you!Dishevelled, liberated, and burning with blushes, she watched the end of the train shrink away. On its last iron ladder the conductor swung aside to make room for Kincaid's stalwart spring. So! It gained one handhold, one foothold. But the foot slipped, the soldier's cap tumbled to the ground, and every onlooker drew a gasp. No, the conductor held him, and erect and secure, with bare locks ruffling in the wind of the train, he looked back, waved, and so passed from sight.

      The light flickered in his grasp as he swayed to his horses movements, but as its rays swept across the top of the coach, he saw a woman kneeling on one of the seats, her face, pale but fearless, bent down toward him.


      A cheer, such as had never been heard even in Three Star, threatened to lift the roof off the Eldorado, and Varley, drawing Esmeraldas arm within his, succeeded, after many herculean efforts, in getting her through the throng and into the open air.


      Oh, yes, yes! he said; very well; and he began talking to Trafford, as if he dreaded being drawn into a conversation about Esmeralda with Lord Selvaine.


      Lady Wyndover sprung to her feet with a deep cry of relief, of thanksgiving; then her face fell.